Statewide Youth Organizers Retreat (SYOR)

The CYC community will be convening for an in-person Statewide Youth Organizers Retreat! We are using this year to build capacity locally and build understanding of basic grassroots organizing principles along with team building. We will host a weekend long retreat at San Diego State University – July 8th-10th, 2022.

We’re looking for CYC Leaders (active CYC Members and Supporters) from across the state ready to build community and their organizing toolkit!

What’s Foster Power Curriculum?

  • Foster Power Curriculum is a dynamic training curriculum created by Foster Youth in Action (FIYA), CYC and School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL) that lays the groundwork for effective grassroots organizing strategies with authentic stakeholder engagement.
  • Foster Power Curriculum has been utilized by organizations as a tool to build capacity of organized local level groups of advocates in the child welfare and juvenile justice spaces while centering lived experience and authentic youth engagement as a strategy for creating healing and lasting impact for the most.

Am I paying out of pocket?

Participants attending this conference will not have any out of pocket costs. Your travel to and from the event, lodging, and 3 healthy meals a day (vegan & vegetarian options available) and snacks will be provided.

How will I travel to San Diego?

Your CAC or staff will contact you to help coordinate your travel arrangements and answer any questions or concerns you have with your travel plans.

Will there be Support for childcare? Yes.

CYC will provide on-site childcare from a CPR/First Aid Certified Member of the CYC Community. You can request childcare accommodations by checking the box on your Statewide Youth Organizer Retreat Registration Form.

Please be ready to communicate with CYC staff about the needs of your child(ren) so we can make sure they have everything they need while you’re working. Parents will need to provide a playpen and baby food if needed.

Where will I be staying during the conference?

Participants will be staying at the university dorm, one room, two beds and one bathroom inside the room, and a small refrigerator. Bed linen and towels will be provided. If you have questions or concerns around lodging, please reach out to

What are my options if I’m not able to attend in person?

We hope you will apply to attend the event in person, however, we know not everyone may be able to be there. The events over the span of the weekend will be live-streamed via 360 Conference Cameras to provide a more accessible and immersive/engaging experience for members of the youth organizing network of CYC+FYIA.

Keep an eye out for info about the livestream. It won’t be the same as attending in person, however you’ll be able to get a taste of what’s happening!

New point about COVID-19 San Diego

As a precaution in order to protect those most vulnerable in our community, we will require PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing 72 hours before leaving to attend the CYC Statewide Youth Organizer Retreat. PCR results may take 1-3 business days.

Click here to find a testing site near you and schedule your appointment. Prior to traveling to the retreat, please send your PCR results to CYC will provide Rapid Tests for each day for members, supporters, and CYC staff to test each morning before returning to the event space.

***Please send your daily rapid test results to

If you test positive for COVID19 during the retreat, please contact CYC staff, Trisha Carnero immediately at 510-685-5607 as well as your listed emergency contact.

***CYC staff will work with you to keep the CYC community safe and to support your care and return home.

The use of N95 facial coverings is strongly encouraged for all participants, but required for those who are not vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated you do not have to wear a mask outdoors or while you are eating. This is all to ensure everyone feels safe and validated to show up as your authentic selves.

If you have any questions or concerns about CYC’s testing requirements and COVID19 protocols, please email