Driving Change Awardees

Local Issues In Action Award

The Driving Change: Local Issues In Action Award recognizes chapters that have completed a Local Issue in the past year. A Local Issue is developed by CYC Members based on challenges they see in their communities for youth experiencing foster care. The chapters develop solutions to address the problem and impact local policy and practice, and then create an action plan to implement their solutions. The Driving Change: Local Issues In Action Award distinguishes the important work of CYC Members and Volunteer Supporters who are working diligently in counties around California to transform the foster care system at the local level—where youth experiencing foster care will most directly see and feel the change. Just as CYC recognizes our statewide Legislative Accomplishments, we also celebrate the Local Issue work carried out by CYC chapters across the state.

Presented to the following chapters at our annual Day at the Capitol Conference by California Youth Connection for successfully completing a local issue.


Humboldt Chapter
Developed youth-centered policies for the local Ombudsman's Office


Los Angeles Chapter
Created recommendations on immigrant reform.

Kings Chapter
Training Mental Health staff to address barriers to services for youth experiencing foster care.

Orange Chapter
Researched and created a brochure on LGBTQ+ resources to be handed out by colleges and organizations, particularly for those who have experienced foster care.

Tehama Chapter
Training for the Tehama Department of Education to raise awareness for teachers and school staff on trauma and the stability needs of youth experiencing foster care.


Alameda Chapter
Institutionalizing Youth Voice in Alameda County Policymaking on Homelessness

Alameda Chapter
Foster Youth Advisory Committee for Oakland Unified School District

Merced Chapter
Mental Health Awareness


Kings Chapter
Social Worker Accountability


Merced Chapter
Developing Local Youth Voice

Monterey Chapter
Protecting the privacy of non-minor dependents

San Mateo Chapter
Created a Foster Youth Advisory Board

Fresno Chapter
LGBTQ Foster Youth Perspective Training Phase 2


San Bernardino Chapter
Foster Youth Educational Training for Caregivers

Santa Clara Chapter
Awareness to End Youth Homelessness

Yolo Chapter
Developed Resource Cards for Local Foster Youth

Fresno Chapter
LGBTQ Foster Youth Perspective Training


Orange Chapter
Additional Resources for Higher Education

San Francisco Chapter
Increased Youth Friendliness of the CPC

San Luis Obispo Chapter
On-going Meetings with County Decision Makers


Ventura Chapter
Group Home Sensitivity Training Video

Los Angeles Chapter
Social Worker Education Training

San Bernardino Chapter
Seat on Foster Youth Steering Committee

Madera Chapter
Life Books Permanency Practice

San Francisco Chapter
Internship at Assessment Center

Santa Cruz Chapter
Improving Ombudsman Practices


Siskiyou Chapter
Attorney Accountability

Orange Chapter
Ensuring Naturalization Paperwork