Volunteers are our allies!

California Youth Connection (CYC) is a statewide foster youth empowerment and advocacy organization that is guided, focused, and driven by current and former foster youth, ages 14-24. CYC strives to improve the foster care system by making it possible for these youth to have a say in child welfare services that affect them.

CYC is seeking volunteers who care about foster youth, have an interest in assisting foster youth develop their leadership and political skills, and who can embrace a “youth-led” philosophy.

Volunteer requirements

  • Be over the age of 21
  • Submit an application (including references)
  • Pass a background check
  • Submit additional documentation (copy of driver’s license, driving record, proof of insurance, confidentiality agreement etc.)
  • Complete an interview, training, and certification process
  • Attend 14 hours of training per year

Volunteer Opportunities

CYC has over 30 local chapters throughout the state. In each of the chapters there is a need for adult volunteer supporters, to work with and assist youth members in reaching the goals of the organization. Supporters work with youth members to learn the important skills they need to lead the organization, help them define and work on issues, assist in preparation for meetings and presentations, and supervise youth when they travel to statewide conferences or speaking presentations. Keep in mind any youth-facing role will require a background check, and that you can choose more than one role to support in. Read on to learn more about the specific roles volunteer supporters can fill.

Supporting Local Chapter/Statewide Advocacy
Local level chapter work is where all the magic happens at CYC! Supporting local level chapter work includes attending regular chapter meetings, coaching youth in the completion of their chapters’ local issue, and providing perspective on topics/policy practice change as it pertains to local issue work. You can also submit letters of support to the CA legislature for any legislation that CYC is cosponsoring or supporting.

Resources (donations, services, etc.)
Providing resources can include things like food and rides to chapter meetings or school supplies, as well as personal services for foster youth. This could include, but is not limited too, guidance on car repair, mentoring in navigating systems, haircuts, or tutoring.

Do you have experience in policy or research? What about in facilitation/curriculum development? CYC members conduct research projects to inform their advocacy and create curriculum to train child welfare professionals. As a coach, you can assist youth members in their research projects and review curriculum with them.

Interested in learning more about the this important role?

To learn more about the Volunteer Supporter role and to let us know how you wish to support youth members, submit an interest form below.