#FosterStability Campaign

The #FosterStability Campaign is a youth-led effort to create a 
process for stability in all aspects of their lives:

  • Stability in wellness and health

  • Stability in relationships & lifelong connections

  • Stability in services that are youth-centered, give agency, and are relevant to each youth.

  • Stability in placement

  • Stability in education and extracurricular activities

We will create a system that honors and nourishes the mind, body, and soul of every child and youth impacted by California’s foster care system.


Current/Former Foster Youth:

  • Submit a black & white photo of how many placements you experienced in care (positive or negative)
  • Take this survey: #FOSTERSTABILITY SURVEY
  • Write a letter to the CA State Legislature why this matters: Template Here

Community Allies:

  • Write a letter of support for AB2247 (Gipson): Download the template
  • Share this flyer or hang it in your office to raise awareness: Stability Flyer
  • Donate to CYC to help us sustain the education, awareness, and movement.

CYC’s Priority Bill: AB2247(Gipson)

AB2247 by Assemblyman Gipson seeks to do the following:

  • Declare the intent of the Legislature that no child or youth should experience abrupt placement changes.
  • Defines abrupt placement changes as any moves that are considered unplanned, without justifiable cause, and without proper transition services fully available to a young person.
  • Outlines a placement preservation plan and procedure that includes interventions such as conflict resolution and mediation.
  • Outlines a process, that, *IF* a placement change must occur (in the best interest of young person) the placement change should occur with utmost respect, consideration, and in a youth-centered way.
  • Outlines a process in which a placement change shall NEVER OCCUR i.e. In the middle of the night, with no other placement secured, or if educational status is lost.
  • Develops a process in which the child or youth can access the CA State FC Ombudsman to have the account of the placement change documented and added to their case file. If a discrepancy of account occurs, the FC may launch an investigation.

CYC’s 2017/18 Legislative & Policy Committee

Kayln Jones, Chris Hernandez, Miguel, Katarina Kabick, Quijai Johnson, Kayla Bailey, Kayla Corder, Ricardo Ortega, Gina Nguyen, Genesis Osuna.


Watch as AB2247 passes out of the Senate Human Services Committee after powerful testimony by CYC members Quijai and Katarina!