ED Search Update


Dear CYC Community,

On behalf of the California Youth Connection Member Transition Committee, we would like to thank you for your contribution to hire our new Executive Director. We are almost towards the end of search for our next executive director. However, we would like to invite our members and supporters to participate in our next Executive Director Candidates Interviews on December 5, 2020 at 11 AM. It is crucial that all members’ voices are heard and represented in the decision making process and search of our next executive director. 

The following members are part of the Search Committee, this committee is responsible for screening, interviewing, and selecting the next Executive Director. Toby Herrera from the LA region, Erik McLaren Central Valley Region, and Ricardo Ortega LA region. We have been working to ensure that the youth voice is being heard and represented. We have been hearing questions from the membership in regards to what the Executive Director does and what role this person has in the organization. The Executive Director does the following:

  • Co-create and facilitate a strategic vision for CYC’s direction in partnership with youth, staff, and board. Uphold the integrity of being a youth-led organization and create the conditions for youth to play a front-and-center role in organizational strategy.


  • Be a visible and engaged presence across CYC’s statewide chapters, attending regional and state-wide meetings and events, ensuring 2-way communications and feedback loops, and supporting members in assuming leadership positions within the organization
    and community.
  • Oversee a 13+member staff, creating and modeling a positive and healthy work environment, encouraging open communications and collaboration, and supporting people to do their best work. Directly supervise a 4-member management team, empowering direct reports to lead in their area of expertise.
  • In partnership with the Deputy Director, ensure a coordinated approach to core program activities, inclusive of state and local advocacy, youth development and leadership, trainings and conferences, and outreach and communications. Amplify and support youth in shaping and implementing an advocacy agenda.


  • In partnership with the Chief Philanthropy and Strategic Partnership Officer, take ownership of a $2.8M annual fundraising goal. Broaden and deepen relationships with existing institutional and individual funders and cultivate a pipeline of new funders. Engage board of directors in fundraising.
  • In partnership with the Director of Finance and board-staffed Finance Committee, oversee the financial management of the organization, inclusive of creating and managing an annual budget, ensuring financial controls are in place, and setting financial priorities.


  • Partner with and leverage a 9-member board of directors, including leading quarterly board meetings and providing the board with quarterly and annual financial and operational reports. Work to identify and help recruit new board members whose talents, interests, and commitment will help to further CYC’s mission.


  • Serve as a persuasive and well-informed representative for CYC, forging and maintaining relationships with state agencies, advocacy groups, peer organizations, and media outlets. Lift up the work of CYC youth as experts and leaders in all external interactions.


  • Above all, operate with a relentless commitment to youth leadership, self-efficacy, and a drive to support youth in making meaningful and lasting change within the foster care system.

These are the roles and responsibilities that the next Executive Director will have. We hope that this information provided could be helpful to you. We look forward to hearing from you on December 5, 2020 at 11 AM and have your voice be heard. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to membertransitionalcommittee@calyouthconn.org.


Member Transition Committee