Current Legislative Issues

AB 46 (Luz Rivas): CA Youth Empowerment Act
Assembly Bill 46 will establish a statewide advisory body to the California government comprised solely of youth. Additionally, this bill details the commission composition, duties, and powers. This bill mandates that every region of California is represented within the commission, there is an equal distribution of age, and that at least half of the members on the commission have experienced youth homelessness, foster care, disabilities, or juvenile incarceration.

SB 512 (Dave Min): Supporting Foster Youth in Community Colleges
Senate Bill 512 will allow greater access to higher education for current and former foster youth by strengthening an existing program for foster youth attending California’s community colleges. Foster youth face several barriers to accessing the NextUp program, which further exacerbates challenges for foster youth attempting to pursue a postsecondary degree or certificate. This bill removes these barriers by modifying eligibility to enable students who were in foster care after age 13 to participate, creating flexibility around income requirements for students transitioning from full-time employment to school, specifying that existing funds can be used to provide support to enrolled students as they are matriculating, and clarifying that programs should create streamlined systems for application and entry.