2018 Summer Leadership Policy Conference


2018 Summer Leadership & Policy Conference (18SLPC)

Bay Area Region
More Information Coming Soon! 

All-Inclusive Registration, Per Person, Includes:

• Workshop Track for Members & Supporters
• Entertainment & Activities
• Conference Keepsakes: Program, Tee Shirt, Poster, & Sticker
• 3 Nights On-Campus Dormitory Lodging: * (includes meals)
• 9 Meals (Friday Dinner, Saturday-Sunday Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner; Monday Breakfast & Lunch)

Online Registration Opens Summer 2018! 

Online Registration Instructions
1. Select 1 supporter (attending conf) to be your chapter’s Chapter Conference Coordinator (CCC) & manage the reg process.
2. CCC visits the online registration link and registers each attending member & supporter. 

Questions? Contact our Conference Registrar

Darryn Green, Training Administrative Coordinator
661-857-9883 – Direct Line
California Youth Connection
1611 Telegraph Ave, Ste. 1100
Oakland, CA 94612