Statewide Membership Council

The largest representative body in our organization, the CYC Statewide Membership Council meets quarterly and is comprised of members from each of our county-based chapters.


Eddiewilson Levi grew up in San Francisco and is a proud community advocate not only for foster youth but for at risk youth and also for Pacific Islanders. He enjoys building community with others in safe spaces where everyone can share and thrive together. Being a native San Franciscan, Eddiewilson learned to become an activist in fighting against corrupt and misled systems by learning about struggles within our society, whether it be gentrification, police brutality, systematic racism, etc. He believes it is important to utilize your voice and help organize your community in finding solutions to help build a better future for everyone.


Supporting Chapters in the Bay Area and Southern Regions: Cindy is serving in her second term as Co-Chair of the Statewide Membership Council (SMC). A member of CYC for four years, Cindy, 20, is currently a member of the Los Angeles County Chapter. She is studying at Pasadena City College with plans to transfer to Pepperdine University, to get a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and eventually go to graduate school. For this term of the SMC, Cindy’s primary goal is to further promote space for members at SMC meetings to feel more comfortable to come forth with questions and concerns. She is regularly attending the Regional Council Meetings (RCM) for the two regions she is supporting, Bay Area and Southern, in her SMC Co-Chair role to work towards these efforts. She has facilitated three statewide conferences and is a current Y.O.U.T.H Training Project trainer. Cindy’s goal is to learn as much as she can in each role the organization has to offer and join the Board of Directors.


Supporting Chapters in the Northern and Central Valley Regions: Lauren lives in Modesto and is the Chair of the Stanislaus Chapter. She currently works as the Project Associate of the Youth Engagement Project (YEP) in Sacramento. Lauren, 22, has been a member of CYC for more than two years and joined CYC to use her voice to transform the foster care system. Lauren has served as a facilitator on the Conference Facilitator Team for four statewide conferences.