Statewide Membership Council

The largest representative body in our organization, the CYC Statewide Membership Council (SMC) meets regularly and is comprised of representatives from each of our county-based chapters. Every June, a statewide election is held to swear in new co chairs that run the SMC space, which keep the membership informed and up to date through regular meetings, events, and opportunities for cross regional collaboration between other chapters!

2022-2023 SMC Co-Chairs

Jasmine Harris

Cesar Sosa

As SMC-Co-Chair I feel it is my responsibility to ensure the membership is engaged, As well as supporting our newer members by encouraging them into leadership goals. One main goal is helping and supporting our members as we slowly transition from a virtual to an in person meeting and conferences by seeing what support and help they need. Another major goal I have is that I will make sure every chapter has a voice and representation.