Statewide Membership Council

The largest representative body in our organization, the CYC Statewide Membership Council meets quarterly and is comprised of members from each of our county-based chapters.

Statewide Membership Council Co-Chairs


A member of CYC for nearly four years, Cindy, 19, is currently a member of the Los Angeles County Chapter. She is studying business administration at UEI in Encino, with plans to transfer to a four-year university to get a bachelor’s degree in sociology, and eventually go to graduate school. For her term on the Statewide Membership Council, Cindy’s main goal is to build stronger relationships between the Statewide Membership Council leadership team and chapters within regions. Her personal goal for her time on the board is to improve her facilitation skills.

Joshua Elizondo

Josh is 21 and from Detroit, Michigan. Currently, he is Chair of the California Youth Connection's Los Angeles Chapter and was recently elected to be the acting Co-Chair of the CYC Statewide Membership Council. He has been a member of CYC for three years and held several other positions, such as intern and conference facilitator. Besides advocacy work, Josh is also a music artist, radio host, and established actor. In his free time he enjoys hanging with friends, spending time with his girlfriend, and traveling to experience new places. In his new position he hopes to bring everyone together, build a more sustainable structure, and move forward on legislative, policy, practice change!