Statewide Membership Council

The largest representative body in our organization, the CYC Statewide Membership Council (SMC) meets regularly and is comprised of representatives from each of our county-based chapters. Every June, a statewide election is held to swear in new co chairs that run the SMC space, which keep the membership informed and up to date through regular meetings, events, and opportunities for cross regional collaboration between other chapters!

Current 2021-22 Co chairs

Shamaur Moncrea

My vision for the SMC is to ensure that the youth within the system WILL get the resources they need to stabilize and further their lives. A goal that I would like to see done is that those resources can be available easily no matter their situation or area.

Cesar Sosa

As SMC-Co-Chair I feel it is my responsibility to ensure the membership is engaged, As well as supporting our newer members by encouraging them into leadership goals. One main goal is helping and supporting our members as we slowly transition from a virtual to an in person meeting and conferences by seeing what support and help they need. Another major goal I have is that I will make sure every chapter has a voice and representation.

Joel Calderon

My vision for SMC is to greatly help its causes and represent the program to the highest standard. The 3 main goals I would like to see the SMC accomplish in this new term are first that CYC staff will effectively communicate and work with members so that all agendas are met. The second goal is that SMC meetings can be well informed constantly and workable with CYC staff. The last goal is personally that SMC will be compassionate and understanding.

Ethan Bernabides

My vision for the SMC is to see even more member activity in the meetings. I would like to get more members to join the SMC meetings, this will really help with deep conversation with other members. As well as having more critical conversation surrounding issues that have negative impacts on foster youth.

2019-2020 Co-Chairs

What an amazing journey to watch these individuals grow and accomplish so many great things! Thank you for your continuous leadership.

April Barcus

April Barcus is a member of the Antelope Valley chapter in the Los Angeles Region. She has done foster youth advocacy for about five years including starting the Guardian Scholars club at her college before finding CYC. She has been a chapter chair for most of her two years in the organization, participated in the Legislative and Policy Committee and helped to create the Member Transition Committee. April is dedicating her career to helping others. She is currently finishing up her associate degrees in Political Science and Paralegal Studies and hopes to go on to law school to become an attorney in civil rights and constitutional law. She looks forward to representing the membership of CYC and ensuring that youth voice is integral in the decision making of the organization.

Natasha Sosa

Natasha Sosa is currently a fellow on the policy and legislative committee/COVID-19 task force. She is an active member of the Long Beach chapter and has been engaged in the CYC community for two years. Natasha Sosa is 18 years old and just recently graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School. She is looking forward to continuing her work with CYC throughout her college experience. For this term of SMC, her priority is to maintain communication throughout the entire membership. Natasha joined CYC to use her voice to transform the foster care system for all youth. Natasha looks forward to all the opportunities CYC has to offer as she supports the members on their paths to success!