Redeem Robinson

Redeem is a Community Advocacy Coordinator (CAC) responsible for providing the foundational resources for youth-led advocacy and leadership development activities throughout the southern region of California.  He will focus on building and expanding the membership base and volunteers, developing sound organizing strategies specific to the chapters served in collaboration with members, assisting with fundraising, supporting members to run chapter meetings and strengthen engagement, facilitating community outreach and advocacy efforts, and developing and facilitating curriculum and training that support member leadership. Redeem will also supervise trainee members and perform various complex administrative and technical functions related to overseeing programs, projects, and committees.

Redeem has a passion for working with younger people in general because he believes it’s the younger generations that are going to really change the world and help eradicate hate and help change the way people think about others.

Outside of his time at CYC Redeem enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants out of town, playing piano and listening to live music. He also enjoys reading about history.