Miguel Almodovar

Miguel Almodovar is a community advocacy coordinator at CYC with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from California State University East Bay and a minor in Music. He is a brother of his local chapter of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc, where he organizes regular community service opportunities for youth. 

Miguel’s lived experience in foster care guides his work as he coaches and empowers young people to own their success story and generate positive changes in every realm of their lives in order to define and achieve their goals. With a strong background in social justice and political education, Miguel applies strategies from historical movements when coordinating strategies for youth engagement and local policy implementation, working with them to not only identify but overcome barriers to their success. 

Miguel’s social worker first connected him with the CYC community while in and out of foster homes in 2009. CYC not only provided Miguel with a community to grow with but with numerous professional development opportunities. His participation in the Bay Area Youth Leadership Academy (BAYLA) provided context for disparities within government systems and inspired Miguel to major in Political Science. Miguel’s early interactions with CYC galvanized his belief that young people are, and have historically been, catalysts for social change. Miguel dedicates his drive to fight for marginalized communities to the mentors who have invested in him along his journey. 

During his personal time, Miguel can usually be found rollerblading at the skate park, taking pictures, or playing guitar. He hosts a podcast on SoundCloud called How to Change the World, which features interviews and commentary about social issues with young change makers in the community. https://soundcloud.com/miguel-almodovar-2 Instagram: @miguelalmodo