Meribe Martin, Administrative Coordinator

When Meribe joined CYC , she was impressed right away to see people working together collaboratively on a common goal. Youth were involved at every step. Shortly after she joined, Meribe was able to be a facilitator at the conferences, and since then she has always been a facilitator rather than a participant at events she’s a part of. Meribe says, “I know this sounds corny but CYC really is life changing. It gives you a sense of worth, a sense of pride, a sense of accomplishment, and it also motivates you to continue to try to do better. I have been with CYC for over 17 years. CYC shaped me into the woman I am today because I had great strong women as role models.” Now Meribe is supporting the policy team in her role as Administrative Coordinator. “I have this great affection for CYC,” says Meribe, “so to be able to contribute to this organization in any way is such a great privilege.”