Meribe Martin


As the Statewide Program Integration Manager at CYC, I lead a multi-faceted department that plays a crucial role within our organization. My team, which includes Community Advocacy Coordinators (CACs), Community Advocacy Assistants (CAAs), and Program/Project Trainee Members (PTMs), operates across the state. My responsibilities entail overseeing this diverse group and ensuring that our strategies are effectively integrated and aligned with CYC’s overarching objectives.

Drawing from my own lived experiences in the foster care system two decades ago, I bring a unique and empathetic perspective to my role, enriching our youth-focused initiatives. My academic background in Political Science, Business, and African American Studies, combined with over twelve years in professional development and two decades of expertise in curriculum development and facilitation, underpins my leadership approach.

I am pivotal in fostering internal collaboration across CYC’s departments, including Legislative and Policy, Training, and our engagement with the Foster Youth in Action (FYA) national network. This coordination ensures the coherence and efficacy of our advocacy efforts, promoting a youth-led approach with a strong focus on equity, racial, and gender justice.

Committed to nurturing relationships with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, from local community groups to national social justice organizations, I manage performance metrics, champion the professional growth of our staff, and oversee the dissemination of CYC’s accomplishments. My role also involves analyzing data to continuously refine our strategies and enhance our organizational impact.

I am dedicated to CYC’s mission, actively supporting our staff, volunteers, and members, and enthusiastically participating in our annual conferences to advance our advocacy and policy endeavors. My passion for our mission drives my daily efforts, ensuring that CYC remains a catalyst for meaningful change within the community.