Jude Parker Koski, Communications and Development Manager


Jude Parker Koski is the Communications and Development Manager at California Youth Connection.  CYC, where Jude has been a staff member since 2002, is California’s foremost youth advocacy organization, with a mission to develop youth who have experienced foster care to transform the foster care system through legislative, policy, and practice change. Jude has over twenty-three years of program development and leadership experience with nonprofit organizations. Previously he served as the Chapter Coordinator at COLAGE, an organization for people with LGBTQ+ parents uniting for change, and Education Coordinator for Ozone House in Michigan, services for runaway and homeless youth. Jude is a founding leader of San Francisco Garden Resource Organization, which provided assistance to the network of community gardens.

Jude is a feral community cat Trap Neuter/Spay Return TNR advocate and cares for the cats on his block. His volunteer activities have included serving as Governance Chair for the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department Community Gardens Policy Committee and on the Board of Directors of the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association in San Francisco and Mountain Meadow Summer Camp in New Jersey. Jude holds a MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School.

Home is in San Francisco with his partner and three rescued kitties. Jude enjoys designing and woodworking with repurposed materials, garden landscaping, and adventures in nature by the shore.