Janay Eustace


Janay Eustace is a former member of the Sacramento Chapter, which she became involved in during her time in the foster care system. Janay graduated from Sacramento State University where she received a Master of Social Work Degree and served as a Clinical Social Worker in the Sacramento Community. She advocated to establish Sacramento State University’s Guardian Scholars Program which continues to support current and former foster youth today. She previously worked for California Youth Connection (CYC) as a volunteer and employee for many years in many different roles. One of many accomplishments Janay is proud of, is helping execute the California Fostering Connections to Success Act (AB 12) and implementation as a CYC employee.  

Janay has worked for the California Welfare Directors Association (CWDA), collaborating closely with California’s county child welfare agencies in legislation. She has also worked as a Sacramento County Child Protective Services Social Worker, spending time at the California Department of Social Services gaining the State perspective as well. Before returning to CYC, Janay most recently worked at the Youth Law Center as a Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) Champion and Youth Engagement Lead. 

Furthermore, Janay is a dedicated advocate and speaker for child welfare reform. CYC’s youth-led vision is fundamental to her and she is committed to ensuring the integrity. 

Janay is also an immensely proud wife, mother to three amazing boys, sister/chosen sister, God-mom, and aunty.