Blade Oestreich

As a child welfare advocate, Blade is most passionate about promoting leadership development, strengthening chapter processes, facilitating community and advocacy efforts, building local relationships to strengthen access to decision-makers to build the social capital of members, and increase visibility for funding opportunities, and developing curriculum and training materials.

Blade’s passion for youth voice has always been strong, having stemmed from his personal history of being in the system. As a young kinship youth, he watched over his twin sister and little brother, both of whom have given him the strength to fight for what he believes in. With a main goal of molding California’s foster care system into a better one for its youth, Blade believes stepping into a staff role for CYC will help him do just that. From being a full-time father to being a full-time youth advocate, Blade has always been driven to push forward on his career path and achieve new accomplishments. As such, he plans to pursue a B.A. in political science in the near future. Blade has also received his associate’s degree in criminal justice from Everest University.