Steven Shaw

SJ is recognized as both an innovative leader in the hospitality industry and a prominent advocate for foster care rights and youth voice. Over the past decade, he has been instrumental in fostering the emergence of a new generation of change-makers. With a background of 15 years spent in the Texas foster care system, SJ brings a unique perspective to his advocacy efforts. He has had the privilege of addressing Congress and White House officials on numerous occasions, focusing on issues pertinent to foster care. Notably, SJ played a pivotal role in championing legislation for the establishment of an ombudsman position in Texas dedicated specifically to the needs of children and youth in foster care. Additionally, he has actively participated in various panels and presentations aimed at raising awareness about foster care among stakeholders at both the community and state levels. SJ’s mission is to empower foster youth by demonstrating that they can thrive despite facing adversity. Through his mantra, “My Voice Matters, Their Voice Matters, Our Voice Matters,” SJ emphasizes the importance of amplifying the voices of those in foster care and driving positive change.