Jason Bryant

Some might call Jason a pathological entrepreneur, “he just can’t help himself.” Jason has founded more than 10 new start-ups in his career, a number which have had successful exits and others that were great learning experiences (Of course there are no failures 🙂 ). 

Currently Jason is the CEO of Nor1, the leader in hospitality merchandising technology and has learned with this experience that the greatest opportunity for any business over the next couple of years is to finally (after years of hype) realize tangible, repeatable results from analytics efforts.

So much has been sold, regarding “big data” and “predictive analytics” yet not delivered, however that is going to change dramatically and rapidly, because the tools and approaches have evolved and continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace. 

Jason earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan. In addition to serving as President on the CYC board, Jason is on the board of Impact As One, an organization devoted to leveraging the vast array of Silicon Valley resources to create positive social impact.