Did You Know? California enacted a law in 2020 that created a huge change to the state juvenile justice system? SB 823 closes the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and transitions all youth cases to the county level.

The Problem

Why does it matter? Youth in state lock-ups had protections and rights but these rights are not available on a local/county level. This means they will be UNPROTECTED!

The Solution

AB2417 Restoring Rights to Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth authored by Phil Ting, would re-enact the Youth Bill Of Rights in all 58 counties and ensure youth in local lock-ups are aware of these existing protections/rights.

Here are some of the youth rights…

  1. To be free from physical, sexual, emotional or other abuse, or corporal punishment.
  2. To receive adequate medical services from qualified care providers.
  3. To not be searched for the purpose of harassment or humiliation.
Download the FAQs for more details.

How Can you Help?

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Please contact Jordan Sosa, Legislative Manager at jordan@calyouthconn.org