2020 Election Results

Dear CYC Family,

In the heat of the passion during times of political and social unrest, what emerges as the greatest value in our advocacy is our capacity to lead, work, reason, and empathize with one another to achieve justice for communities most impacted by government systems.

CYC realizes that many of its community members are processing the 2020 election results in different ways. Our country is experiencing a historic upheaval that has threatened to compromise the integrity of our democratic processes. Many members of the CYC family, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum, will be worried about what this election means for themselves, their families, and their friends. As an organization rooted in the freedom of expression of those most impacted by systems, CYC is deeply committed to promoting fairness and transparency in democratic processes and stands to #defenddemocracy, #protecttheresults, and #counteveryvote

Until the electoral college casts their votes in December and through the uncertainty that 2021 will bring, we want to encourage our community to look ahead and prioritize the care and safety of yourself and your loved ones around you. The advocacy produced by CYC members transforms the systems that intersect most in youths’ lives and it demands that we listen to one another with openness and as much empathy as we can muster in defense of the many forces that profit from our division.

In our struggle to create youth-centered systems and policies in California, we must practice patience while continuing to cultivate a committed community of advocates for social justice by centering mutual respect and care in all the work we do.  This work has never been more important, more urgent, or more difficult than in this current elevation of collective consciousness. We are honored and privileged to stand in solidarity with all communities of youth who are impacted by the legacies of racism, colonialism, and ageism in government systems. The experiences of each and every member of our CYC community are the well from which we draw hope and inspiration. We will advocate for all of you. Please advocate for one another.

We ask you all to recommit to taking care of yourselves during these times. CYC remains committed to continuing to empower our membership, staff, and board to influence policy and practice transformation in California’s child welfare system. We must protect our community from ignorance and hate while providing  hope and support for the undocumented, the different, and the oppressed.

As you reflect on the results of the election, we would like to invite you all to be a part of building supportive spaces for our community. Please stay tuned to our website and social media accounts for the dates.

We look forward to hearing from you all in the coming days.

In solidarity,

The CYC Team