Welcome to CYC, Celebrating 30 Years of Youth Voice!

Featured champions

Meet Sharrica

“[CYC is] a place where we can be free of the stigma of being a foster youth,” says Sharrica. “It’s an immediate understanding. When you say something, everyone gets it. You don’t have to go into details, and that’s a good feeling.”

Meet Cindy

“I’d always felt like an outsider, but when I joined CYC other people understood what I was going through. No one else can really understand your story but for you it’s real life. So when I got to CYC and met all those beautiful people in it, it was just an instant connection.”

Meet Rayshaun

“CYC has been a game changer for me. I had been going through some troubles, and CYC has given me a new sense of hope, and it’s not a fake sense of hope. It’s real.”