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Trainings Offered

CYC offers an array of trainings for foster youth groups, professionals working in the child welfare arena, and to the broad community. Our CYC members have conducted trainings both statewide & nationally from leading panel presentations, running workshops at conferences, hosting events such as speakouts & community dinners, and even organizing their own conferences & events.  The best part about CYC being involved is the youth driven aspect of our model. Youth work on developing the curriculum for the trainings to be delivered and facilitate the trainings as well.

Here are some examples of trainings we currently offer on both a local and national level:

CYC 101:  CYC 101 provides an interactive and informative orientation to our model.  Participants will be introduced to CYC's mission, values and goals, emphasizing the importance of youth voice, participation and decision making in child welfare policy, practice and attitude.

Empowerment: CYC offers a unique training on empowerment for both youth and adult groups. The empowerment training for youth educates youth on what empowerment means to them personally and professionally. The adult version of the empowerment training centers on the belief of empowering our youth members and the adults role in facilitating that process.

Legislative, Policy & Advocacy:  The legislative and policy curriculum helps participants identify key players that can help them create change in the system, create issue-specific topics based on their experiences in foster care, and teaches participants how to create a plan of action to accomplish the identified issues.  Participants will also be able to identify specific individuals and organizations that can help them accomplish their goals.

Community Organizing:  Participants will learn about the power of community organizing, the language used in the field of advocacy, learn about different movements and developing their own strategies to work on a campaign.

Media & Public Speaking:  Designed to help youth to use media and public speaking as an advocacy tactic. This training teaches youth valuable leadership skills and the power of their own voice.

Below are some highlights of trainings CYC has conducted, testimonials, & additional information:

  • Community Care Licensing Trainings: CYC members deliver two trainings every year to licensing staff in California on issues such as interview techniques when working with a youth in placement, share personal stories & lessons learned, and educate Community Care Licensing on the unique needs of children & youth in care.
  • National Foster Youth Advocacy Day: CYC members joined other youth groups across the nation to advocate on prevention & reduction issues to our representatives on Capitol Hill.
  • Footsteps to the Future- Daniel Memorial Conference: CYC conducted workshops on advocacy & empowerment and why it is important to bring the youth's voice to the table when discussing policy issues that will eventually directly impact their lives.
  • Indian Foster Youth Academy (Coordinated by ICWA): CYC provided an advocacy training for approximately 15 Native American foster youth and geared the training based on their experiences in foster care. At the end, the youth were able to identify several different issues that they wanted addressed and a summary of the training was also posted on their website. See link for additional information:
  • Presentations related to CASA & the courts: CYC presented to a local CASA on emancipation issues facing foster youth. On a national level, CYC organized a workshop at the National Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges Conference in Austin, Texas in 2010.
  • National Training for CYC Replication: CYC youth members & staff trained a group in Oregon that wanted to organize foster youth so they can have a voice in the legislative & policy arena. CYC spent a weekend training approximately 25 youth on advocacy, empowerment, issue identification, and helped them prepare for their legislative visits the following Monday.


"This will shape the new mentor orientation/training for our volunteer mentor program." (Mental Health Training Oakland, April 2010)

"This has reminded me of many of the facets of foster youth that I need to focus on." (MH Training Oakland, April 2010)

"Excellent all the way around! Thank you so much! I genuinely appreciate this opportunity for growth and knowledge." (MH Training Oakland, April 2010)

"This training was long overdue." (MH Training Oakland, April 2010)

"CYC did a great job using illustrations to demonstrate some of the challenges foster youth face and especially appreciated personal stories." (National Association of Council for Children-NACC Conference September 2010)

"Loved the presenters- Sounds like a great program." (NACC Conference September 2010)

"Very powerful to hear the stories from "real people," we as attorneys need to be reminded more often that these arent just cases, they are people's lives." (NACC Conference September 2010)

"Youth were great! Do it Again!" (NACC Conference September 2010)

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