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Training and Best Practices

CYC's Trainings & Sharing of Best Practices

Part of the youths’ leadership development includes becoming a trainer of others. CYC members are responsible for training one another at all CYC conferences where they facilitate all of the workshops. Additionally, the CYC youth members create and provide trainings for stakeholders and policy makers in their community. Examples of these activities include facilitating and presenting at MSW (Masters of Social Work) classes, hosting foster youth panels at trainings for foster parents, and working with local Indian reservations to share best practices.

These trainings and sharing of best practices are created and developed by the youth themselves at the local chapter level. After evaluating the needs in their local community, the youth develop a training that addresses the most pressing issues, and then they work with the local colleges, child welfare agencies, foster care agencies, and tribal leaders to spread the word. There have been occasions, too, where stakeholders and policy makers have requested presentations regarding specific topics of concern or additional information regarding specific issues.

Y.O.U.T.H Training Project

The Y.O.U.T.H. Training Project (YTP) is another programmatic option specific to transition aged youth who are interested in furthering their training and facilitation skills. This program is an organization-wide project (not limited to a specific county chapter), and is a unique collaboration between current and former foster youth (ages 16-24), child welfare professionals, and youth-serving organizations. YTP empowers transition-age foster youth who are experts in navigating the foster care system, to develop and deliver best-practice training for professionals who support transition-age youth.
Since 2000, YTP has trained, employed, and supported more than 120 youth, who have in turn trained over 6,700 child welfare professionals on the needs of foster youth and the practices that best support transition-age youth. Many of our youth have multi-year relationships with YTP, during which they grow into exceptional trainers, advocates, and leaders and find rewards they could not have imagined.

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