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Tools for Local Policy Work

Tools for Local Policy Work

Local Issues: A local issue is what a chapter is doing to improve their county’s foster care system.  A local issues needs to be specific, identifying how the problem will be fixed, who is going to do it, and by when. What does it take to complete a local issue? Where does the chpater start? Well, Statewide CYC has developed a Local Issue Toolkit to help answer questions around local issue organizing, and guide the chapter through the five steps to completing a local issue. CYC's Local Issue Toolkit can we found in the Members and Supporters Only webpages.

How to engage your local decision makers:
1. Get to know your County Board of Supervisors

2. Identify the your County’s Decision makers

3. Get to know the community agencies that work closely with your county and ask to meet with them

4. Set-up quarterly meetings with your local Child’s Services, Probation and Children’s Courts

5. Make presentations to your county administrators, local policy makers, and relevant county commissions

6. Host a Community Dinner and invite your local policy makers to attend and learn more about what your chapter is currently working on  (LINK TO COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT)

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