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Outreach and Community Education

CYC's Outreach & Community Education

Another integral part of the CYC program is for the youth members to perform outreach to their current and former foster youth peers, and to educate the general community about what it means to be a foster youth.

Outreach is focused on letting current and former foster youth know about their rights as foster youth, what resources are available to them (whether it be how to get a warm winter jacket, what options are available to help them to finance their higher education, or what rights they have regarding mental health services). Examples of where the youth perform these outreach services are at booths at community resource fairs, presenting at local Independent Living Program classes, and speaking at group home forums.

The youth also work at educating the broader community-at-large. They present their experiences and knowledge at conferences, forums, and community events. Additional examples of outreach have included attending voter league meetings, foster parent resource fairs, and faith based institutions. The San Diego Chapter even worked with the Playwright Project to write a play about foster youth experiences. The play performed for several nights, and after each performance, the youth held question and answer sessions with the audience that proved to create insightful dialogue.

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