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Get Involved / Donate

Ways to Get Involved

  1. Become a Youth Member: You must be between the ages of 14-24, and have a history with the foster care system/out of home placement (whether 1 day or your whole life).
  2. Become an Adult Supporter: Our adult supporters are individuals over the age of 18, that believe strongly in youth empowerment and that our members are the experts of the foster care system.
  3. Become an Event Volunteer: We can not do what we do without volunteers. Our event volunteers provide support for our chapter, conference and/or fundraising events.
  4. Work or Intern at CYC: The majority of the staff at CYC are former foster youth. We strongly encourage current and former foster youth to apply for employment and interships at CYC.
  5. Get Involved with our Board: Our Board is constantly seeking out individuals who are willing and able to share their expertise and skills with our organization. They are seeking both board members and Board Committee volunteers.

Ways to Help

  1. Online Donations: click on the donation tab and support CYC with an online donation TODAY!
  2. On the Phone: feel free to give us a call at (415) 442-5060(415) 442-5060 or email us at with a phone number and good time that you would like us to contact you.
  3. Mail Donations: you can mail your donations to the CYC Statewide Office at 1611 Telegraph Ave, Suite 1100, Oakland, CA 94612.
  4. Inkind or Service Donations: please contact Tish Slater at (323) 267-0720 x 21 to discuss your donation and CYC’s current needs.


* CYC is a registered 501c3. All donations made to CYC are tax deductible.
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