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Become a CYC Chapter

Are you interested in creating a chapter of the California Youth Connection in your county?

If so, CYC has an application process for you to create a chapter in your county! After you submit an application, CYC's statewide office will meet with your group (which should consist of a core group of current and former foster youth and at least one adult interested in becoming an Adult Supporter).  Finally your group will be asked to make a presentation to CYC's Advisory Board, which will make the final determination if your group is ready to become a chapter.   

There are a few things you can do to make your application stronger. 

  • Get a group of current and former foster youth together interested in forming a CYC Chapter and start meeting to talk about what changes you want to see in fostercare.  
  • Start looking for adults in your community willing to volunteer their time as Supporters.  
  • Look for a source of funding to sustain your activities and enable your group to participate in statewide activities such as conferences and trainings once you become a chapter.  
  • Start having conversations with organizations who work with foster youth and with the county to develop a commitment of support from the community to get new members involved and to work to implement the changes you want to see.

If you have questions about the process or want more information, contact Jenny at JENNY@CALYOUTHCONN.ORG.

* CYC is a registered 501c3. All donations made to CYC are tax deductible.
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