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Adult Supporter

What is a CYC Supporter?

Supporters are committed individuals who live or work in a county with a CYC chapter and are passionate about youth development and foster care reform.  Supporters are essential to the success of CYC chapters.  The goal of Supporters is to help youth members learn the skills needed to lead and run their own chapter meetings and events, and advocate for change.

In CYC, supporters play a truly unique role. Supporters are people who:

  • can relate to youth
  • are willing to let youth learn from their own mistakes
  • are able to guide, coach and advise youth while refraining from taking control
  • are concerned about the foster care system and willing to help youth make a change

How do you become a Supporter?

All supporters are required to complete an application and background check, pass an interview with members from the chapter and attend a day long Supporter Certification Training.  The first step is to connect with a local chapter and find out if CYC is a good fit for you.  Click here to get information about a chapter in your area.



* CYC is a registered 501c3. All donations made to CYC are tax deductible.
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