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AB12 Implementation

AB 12 Implementation



In October 2010, California passed Assembly Bill 12 (AB 12) through the California Fostering

Connections to Success Act. AB 12 is amongst the greatest legislative accomplishments in foster

care history. AB 12 drastically changed foster care, by optionally extending foster care until age

21; increased support for kinship care (opportunities for youth to live with family members);

improved education stability; coordinated health care services; provided direct child welfare

support to Native American tribes; and expanded federal resources to train caregivers, child

welfare staff, attorneys, and more.


January 1, 2013 marked the second phase-in of AB 12 and youth whom were in the system at the

time of their 18th birthday are currently eligible to stay in care until their 20th birthday.


For a youth friendly AB 12 Fact Sheet please click here.


Further Legislation 


In 2011, AB 212 (Beall) was authored to provide important technical fixes to aid in the

implementation of AB 12.


In 2012, AB 1712 (Beall) was authored to provide even further clarification on the extension of

foster care including a provision for gap funding to provide coverage in between when a youth

would age out and the extension the following year.


"After 18 Campaign" 


The "After 18" Campaign is the latest message that CYC is promoting about AB 12. Now that

foster care is extended to 20 (and hopefully 21 by 2014), it is important to acknowledge the

support and partnership of young adults in AB 12- especially "After 18". Below are several

documents available to the public about the "After 18" campaign.


* "After 18" Benefits Info Flyer: Click here for a youth friendly flyer that will help explain AB

12 and all of its benefits.


* "After 18" Fact Sheet: Click here for basic facts regarding the extension of foster care.


* "After 18" FAQ: Click here for commonly asked questions and their answers.


* Youth Orientation Powerpoint: Want a powerpoint which is an overview on AB 12? Click here

and utilize a youth developed orientation on AB 12 and eligibility requirements. Share this with

youth, adults, everyone in your community!


* Youth Orientation Trainers Guide: Click here for a document that will breakdown the Youth

Orientation PowePoint and can be used as a support tool, when using the Youth Orientation




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